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Among Dungeon



Among Dungeon is a brand new and exciting arcade game. See how far you can go in this game and try to survive with the adorable characters in Among Us.

We guarantee that you will have a great time playing this game. In this game, the little character will try to complete each level to progress from one extreme to another. You will need to assist him in avoiding obstacles and dangerous enemies to achieve his goal. This game is more difficult than you think but if you have enough patience and skill you can pass the levels easily.

Levels and challenges

Experience the thrill of this fun and easy-to-play game with many new arcade challenges and a variety of traps, such as spiky blocks that you can destroy on your own. To help Among escape the maze, you will need to control the robot to quickly clear the traps located throughout the maze. You'll also need to avoid explosives and other obstacles, carefully dodge and run away, and pay attention to the sudden spikes that are about to happen next. If you come to the conclusion that there is no way to proceed, you have the option of switching to another platform. Each level consists of a series of dark mazes filled with moving enemies and items, and you must carefully navigate your way through them by jumping, dodging, and walking. Don't forget to tell your friends about this brand new game!

How to control Among Dungeon

You can click the arrow icon on the screen to move and jump.