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House of Hazards


Game information

House of Hazards takes you into a series of environments filled with obstacles. Your goal is to be the first to complete the assigned tasks and reach the exit.

To do this, you'll need to overcome a series of wacky challenges and obstacles, while trying to outsmart your friends. Victory belongs to the player who can complete the mission with the fewest accidents or dangers.

Multiplayer game

This game is designed for multiplayer enjoyment, accommodating up to four players. Gather your friends and family and connect your devices to enjoy the crazy fun of House of Hazards together. The game's dynamic design ensures that every round is unpredictable and fun, making it a great choice for gatherings, parties or simply a fun night out.

Adapt to hazards

This game has many different challenges and dangers in each level. From slippery floors to rotating axes and unpredictable traps, adaptability is key. Observe the environment, strategize and learn from your mistakes. Trial and error is your friend and over time you will become more proficient at navigating treacherous terrain.

In an apartment, you compete to perform various tasks while your opponents track your every move and set traps to destroy you in real time. Avoid dangers like swinging cabinets and falling lamps to complete the mission and win the game. Likewise, by timing trap activation, you can prevent your opponents from achieving their goals. Pay attention to the wheel of fate to discover the rules of the game at the end of each round.

Control the character

Player 1:

  • Use the A and D keys to move and change hazards.
  • Jump = W
  • Crouch / Grab player and trigger hazards = S

Player 2:

  • Control J and L to move and switch between hazards.
  • K = Crouch/Snatch/Danger Trigger
  • I = Jump

In short, this is a fun multiplayer game that's guaranteed to bring lots of laughs and interesting challenges. By understanding the game, playing strategically, and embracing the chaos, you and your friends can create unforgettable gaming experiences. So gather your companions, explore the dangerous house and remember that victory often belongs to those who are best able to adapt to the unpredictable challenges that await. Have fun and may the fittest player win!