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Geometry Dash Invisible Deadlocked



Geometry Dash Invisible Deadlocked requires you to practice to improve your movement skills with many difficulties. You should show your strategy and skills.

Start learning the game

At the start of the level, you will be in a cubic area where you will have to jump over spheres, semi-cubes, and sometimes teleportation portals. This section also begins with a short wave component about 0.8 seconds long. After that point, the music stops and the player is thrown into a section of wave moving at three times normal speed, in which they must dodge obstacles as gravity continuously changes. Then your body turns into a spaceship. To gain access to the first hidden coin, the player must hold a key while simultaneously flying between moving faceted blocks.


The unpleasant part now begins. The player is required to go through different platforms. They should only move on platforms with blue borders and should not move on platforms with red borders. The player then transforms into a spaceship and navigates gravity by flying through the air between moving columns. The block part of the starting phrase. This time, you will attack the jumping balls and you will be able to jump onto the platform at twice the speed as before. The transformation into a robot happens instantly. Now they are required to remove the spikes on their way.

The player will then enter another shadow area, although this one is much smaller than the previous one. Players need to use teleportation portals to go through a spike-strewn tunnel to get from one location to another. Now it's time to enter the area with the small cubes and when you do, jump onto the tiled platform. This particular component is special because blue jump balls have been used in place of pads. By jumping on the provided jump pads, they can avoid the gears.

Players will find themselves in a setting on a ship with a burning motif. They were moving at high speed into a very narrow tunnel inhabited by demons. During this time, they undergo changes in both size and gravity. Then you turn into an alien spaceship. When you arrive at this location, the first alien will approach you and aim a red laser beam at you. In a short time there will be fire instead of lasers, which can kill you. A few more creatures will then appear and you'll have to avoid their lasers if you want to locate the third coin hidden somewhere in the level. Additionally, the saw blade will create a barrier that will slow down your progress to some extent. Then the double component of wave three appears, just like the previous wave.

Next you will begin the train sequence at double speed at this point. The object of this game is to transform into a ball after flying through a series of moving boxes and then transform back into a butterfly. They must move between two levels, dodging obstacles like spikes. You will turn into a cube and be able to play the game after completing the UFO part, where you have to jump over the moving half of the cube.

How to use coins

  • The first coin can be found in the cube segment, which follows the ball segment in progression. You will need to start by walking along the platform while jumping between brick pillars. To access this part of the game, you first need to get the blue key from the ship part.
  • The second coin is hidden inside the robot part of the puzzle. The player cannot jump to the next level; rather, they must go below it. To get money, you will have to overcome some imaginary barriers.
  • The third coin can be found in the alien spaceship section. Once the first monster is defeated, you will need to jump over to the saw located at the top. Since the coin is easy to recognize, locating the saw is not too difficult.

How to play

To play Geometry Dash Invisible Deadlocked, you must tap the screen or use the mouse the same way you play geometry dash meltdown. This will make the cube jump. You can also touch the cube and hold the button to make it fly. You will need to use these controls to progress through the level and avoid encountering any obstacles.