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Geometry Dash Soulseas


Game information

Geometry Dash Soulseas takes you to amazing levels with varying difficulties. What you need to do is get used to the operations and then control your character.

With grand, impressive names and captivating visuals, Geometry Dash Soulseas is a breath of fresh air. Unlike geometry dash meltdown, in this game during the trip, the flashing lights are noticeable. The levels have an overall unified design thanks to the constant use of blue and purple throughout. Start participating to add your new experience in this fascinating game.

Learn about Soulseas

Soulseas, the game's unique and immersive setting, is a mysterious underwater world where you control a cube, ship, or other shapes through an ocean of geometric patterns and objects. rhythmic obstacles. Levels are set to the beat of a catchy soundtrack, making precise timing the deciding factor in success.


Your goal in 'Geometry Dash Soulseas' is simple: survive dangerous waves, spikes and traps while collecting orbs to accumulate points. The more orbs you collect, the higher your score and the higher your chances of unlocking new levels and customizing your character.

The focus of 'Geometry Dash Soulseas' is rhythm. Each level is designed with a specific beat in mind, and your movements must be in sync with that beat. To master the waves, listen carefully to the music and time your jumps, dashes and shifts accordingly. Practice and precision are your allies in this rhythmic journey.

How to play

Controls that allow the action icon to jump, run, levitate or roll set the arcade game apart. Keep overcoming the obstacles in this new level. As you dance, feel how the many rhythms of the song blend with your own. You can use the mouse to participate in the game.