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Lego 2K Drive


About Lego 2K Drive

Lego 2K Drive needs you to plan to build cars and participate in exciting and thrilling racing on the city roads. You are ready to take on this mission now!

You will participate in racing your favorite Lego cars against other players or artificial intelligence in the game. Your goal is to walk on the road carefully, avoiding collisions with other vehicles. The game also features several types of racing, such as off-road challenges, time trials, and regular circuit races.

Get involved in crafting and customizing your vehicle

Building and modifying vehicles from LEGO bricks is one of the game's special features. To build their own custom race cars, players can unlock and collect LEGO vehicle parts throughout the game. Modification possibilities are virtually unlimited, whether it's installing a turbocharger, adding a spoiler to improve aerodynamics or changing the body style.

Explore new places

Players can visit themed LEGO towns, rural landscapes, and other fascinating destinations in the game's vast open world. To make the race more challenging, find hidden shortcuts, collect power-ups, and navigate tricky weather

Game controls

  • Tilt left with A key.
  • Use D key, turn right.
  • W KEY is used to move forward.
  • S key to go back.

Let's start with the option of learning to drive if you are new. Once you've mastered it, participate in player-versus-player races to show off your superior driving skills. Prepare for an exciting ride in the world of LEGO racing by fastening your seat belt, starting the engine and going!