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Angry Heroes


Angry Heroes needs you to destroy the aliens who want to invade Earth. Here you will join the brave birds, using their powers to destroy towers through levels.


In Angry Heroes, embark on an exciting adventure that combines strategy and courage. You are invited to enter an alien-infested universe in this exciting physics-based shooting game where only powerful heroes can save the day. Join your small group of warriors, use your powerful slingshot and utilize power-ups to destroy alien hideouts in many levels, up to intense boss battles. Angry Heroes offers hours of exciting gaming thanks to its engaging storyline and exciting gameplay features.

You can play the Angry Heroes game on mobile, tablet or desktop by downloading it online and playing accordingly.

Instructions for playing the game

The hero can be tapped to pull the slingshot back, or you can use the mouse to click and move things. These two options are available for players to choose from. As soon as the hero is released, they will be launched into the air and rush forward.

Players should time their bullets perfectly and aim correctly. At the same time, pay attention to power-ups as they are essential for maximizing damage and effectively eliminating protected enemies. Always plan your strategy to take down bosses, as they require more skillful play.

Outstanding features

  • The simple point and click method makes gaming simple and straightforward.
  • There are multiple alien habitats and enemies in each level, and each level has its own unique experiences.
  • Accelerate your progress by using a variety of power-ups that increase damage output.
  • Attractive storyline, vivid graphics.