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Freddy Run 3


Freddy Run 3 is a relatively difficult game because our main character is once again caught up in a scary dream. This time, he must survive in the ghost castle.

About Freddy Run 3

Join Freddy on his third journey through terrifying nightmares. At this point, Freddy is locked in a medieval castle owned by the fearsome Skeleton King, and he is tasked with finding a way to escape the fortress. With the first steps Freddy took, he realized that the castle was occupied by a ghost. At this moment, throughout the passages of the castle an evil and noisy laughter could be heard. The framed and hung painting of the Bone King on the wall comes to life, and the artwork also comes to life.

It was now clear that living inside the castle was going to be a very difficult endeavor from this point forward. As Freddy continues his hunt for a way out of the maze, he comes across several giant, venomous scorpions, spikes protruding from the ground, large spinning saw wheels, and several zombie skeletons was armed. All of these are on his path. Furthermore, he encounters several dangerous locations in which he must make precise jumps to avoid falling into holes.

As you progress through the game, you'll discover new rooms and passages within the castle's boundaries. The Library, Weapons Room, Grand Corridor, Dungeon, Winery and numerous other rooms and corridors are among the game's new additions. Your ability to live will be increasingly stressed as you progress through each of these levels, which will raise the bar even higher. There are a significant number of levels that include the appearance of new enemies that are stronger than those previously encountered, as well as hidden traps or puzzles that must be solved.

How to play

  • You will need to use the arrow keys to play.
  • Attack = X