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Geometry Dash Anteroom



Geometry Dash Anteroom is a challenging platformer game that tests your reflexes, timing and patience. Conquer the game and overcome obstacles successfully.

Geometry Dash Anteroom shares its core gameplay mechanics with the original Geometry Dash. Here, you control a customizable character that constantly moves forward and must jump over obstacles to avoid crashing into them. When playing Geometry Dash Anteroom, you can enjoy the seamless combination of audio and visual components. Epic crazy levels are presented by Nico99 in a unique approach. Every intricate pattern and rhythm represents power.

The blocks build an image that leads the player through several rooms as they progress through the mission. Check the details through the windows. The movement of the sign must be flexible to fit spaces of different widths.

Main features

  • Character Customization: The game offers a variety of customization options, allowing you to express your style and preferences:
  • Symbols and colors: Choose from a variety of symbols and colors to create a character that fits your personality.
  • Trails and Effects: Unlock and apply unique trails and effects to leave your mark on the levels you conquer.

Game controls

The icon's movement speed can be adjusted and controlled using the mouse.