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Go Up Dash


About Go Up Dash

Go Up Dash is a simple arcade game. You will control a character to move up by dodging dangerous obstacles on many different levels in the game. The higher you go, the faster the game speed and the denser the obstacles. You need to have quick reactions and good hand-eye coordination to achieve high scores.


  • Click or tap on your screen to jump left or right, guiding your character through the maze of obstacles.
  • Keep a sharp eye and quick fingers to navigate through each level with skill and precision.
  • Collect diamonds to increase your score.
  • Tap checkpoints to save progress.


  • Your goal is to rush as fast as possible while avoiding obstacles.
  • Move left and right to avoid spikes and other hazards as you race to the finish line.
  • If you crash, you will have to start from the beginning of the level.
  • Can you pass all 14 levels of this fun geometric dash-style game? Take the best photo of it!