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Heart Star


Heart Star is an engaging game that will test your wits and coordination as you navigate two characters through a world filled with love-themed challenges.

Decoding the riddle of love

Learn the basics: Heart Star features two characters, a boy and a girl, who must work together to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Boys can only move in the blue world, and girls can only move in the pink world. You will need to switch between these two worlds strategically to progress.

Master the gameplay

To successfully complete the levels in Heart Star, you'll need to master the gameplay mechanics and solve increasingly difficult puzzles. Here's a breakdown of how to excel in the game:

World Switch: To switch between blue and pink worlds, tap the screen when your character is near the world transition point. Remember that both characters must be in their respective worlds for this to work. Experiment with transitions to find the best position to get around the obstacle.

Cooperative Play: Heart Star is a game that focuses on teamwork. Use both characters' unique abilities to your advantage. The boy can push blocks and activate switches in the blue world, while the girl can perform double jumps and interact with the elements of the pink world. Plan your moves carefully and coordinate your actions to progress.

Collect Stars

Each level in Stars Heart contains stars that you must collect to unlock new levels. Look out for hidden stars and use your problem-solving skills to reach them. Some stars may require creative thinking to get.

Avoid hazards

Along the way, you will encounter dangers such as spikes and enemies. Learn their patterns and time your moves to avoid taking damage. Remember that if a character loses all their hearts, you will need to start the level over.

Boss battle

Heart Star features challenging boss battles that will test your skills. Pay attention to the boss's attack pattern and find the right time to attack. Teamwork is essential in these meetings.

How to play the game

  • Use WASD keys or 'ARROW KEYS' to move
  • Use the C key to swap characters
  • Press X key to jump

This is a fun game that combines puzzle solving and platforming in a love-themed world. With teamwork, strategic thinking and a little trial and error, you can guide the boy and girl through their love journey. Download Heart Star today and embark on this heartwarming adventure!