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About Outspell

Outspell takes you on an adventure with language, challenging you to demonstrate your vocabulary prowess. Make words on the board using the letter tiles.

Learn the rules that govern the arrangement of tiles on the game board

  • The tiles must connect with existing words, forming new words with each move.
  • Understand advanced squares, such as double and triple letters/words, which can increase your score significantly.
  • Efficiently manage your letter tiles by exchanging them for new tiles as needed.
  • Try to maintain balance with your vowel and consonant combinations to maximize your chances of scoring points.

Outspell is more than just knowing words; it's about strategic gameplay. Enhance your performance with these advanced strategies:

  • Place tiles strategically to take advantage of premium tiles and earn maximum points.
  • Consider blocking your competitors' access to premium squares to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Master the art of adding prefixes and suffixes to existing words to create longer, high-scoring words.
  • Become familiar with common prefixes and suffixes to expand your word-building abilities.

Some tips

  • If you get stuck and can't think of any suitable terms, you can click the shuffle button as many times as you want to get some new suggestions. This may mess up the tiles you already have but it can also help you figure out what the hidden word is.
  • When you're really confused or have letters that are difficult to handle, you can click the exchange button to exchange your current tiles for other tiles. You are allowed to exchange as many tiles as you like, but remember that this time counts as your turn.
  • Instead of selecting tiles one by one, you can quickly return all the tiles you used to your tray by clicking the recall button after you've written a word on the board.
  • Remember that bonus tiles, both red and blue, can be stacked on top of each other. Red cells double the value of the complete word, while blue cells multiply the value of a single letter. For the duration of the game, the letters retain their multiplier values after placing tiles in these positions.

How to play

You can play by dragging and dropping letters into the appropriate slots using your mouse or touchpad. You can click once to select a letter and then click again to place it, or you can click in the letter box and then drag it to where you want it to appear in the word. You can leave the game you are playing, switch audio and enter the help menu by pressing the menu button.