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Police in Lego City


About Police in Lego City

Police in Lego City is a role-playing game that puts players in the heart of Lego City, where they take on the role of a dedicated and vigilant police officer.

In this open-world adventure, your character possesses an uncanny talent for detecting criminals, as if you can feel their presence in your bones. Your mission is to actively fight crime and maintain the peace and safety of Lego City by preventing and minimizing the consequences of criminal activities.

How to play Police in Lego City

The game starts by letting you hop into an authentic Lego City police car. From there, you can freely move on the vast streets of the city, while eagerly waiting for your next mission. Pay attention to the user interface as your journey begins as the icon in the left corner of the screen turns conspicuously red. This is your cue to report to Captain Bennet, the wise and experienced leader of the police force, to receive your assignment.


When you meet Captain Bennet, you will be given your mission. When you accept the mission, a glowing arrow will immediately appear on the screen, guiding you to your destination with precision and urgency. Whether it's uncovering vital evidence or chasing down notorious criminals, every mission is an opportunity to test your policing skills.

Main target

Make sure that no criminals escape your watchful eyes. With unwavering determination, you will track down and arrest each lawbreaker, ensuring that they face the consequences of their actions. In 'Lego City Police', the story and game mechanics revolve around your tireless efforts to maintain the safety and happiness of the city's residents.

Experience the thrill of high-speed chases through the bustling and colorful neighborhoods of Lego City. Feel the satisfaction of justice as you take down criminals and restore peace and order to the metropolis. Whether you're chasing speeders, solving complex mysteries or responding to emergencies, every mission in 'Lego City Cops' is your chance to show off your courage. his emotions, resourcefulness and commitment to the badge.

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Play as a tough, resourceful police officer and immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Lego City. This game not only offers fun gameplay but also provides the opportunity to enjoy the satisfaction of making the city a safer place for its citizens. Good luck, officer, and may your journey in 'Lego City Police' be filled with adventure and success!