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Shooting Survival Skibidi Toilet



Shooting Survival Skibidi Toilet takes you into a mysterious world in a forest, where you fight against all the monsters that are attacking you to survive.

Meet our weird and wonderful creatures that await you in an exciting confrontation. Prepare yourself for your long-awaited encounter with strange singing heads from Earth. You can freely roam the skating arena as you focus on the jungle terrain and search for new tricks.

Meet the monster Skibidi

This vast forest forces you to resolutely prepare for every situation because this is your way out. You will be shocked when bold Skibidy heads appear from nowhere, revealing their characteristic arrogance. So, before starting this journey, muster all your courage, patience and endurance. Are you ready to leave?


Two separate weapon types will be available to you. The goal is to fight and defeat successive waves of advancing monsters. You must eliminate a predetermined number of enemies in each stage. When moving through this battlefield, it is important to stay vigilant. Use the terrain map to determine the direction of movement of the leading units. Open fire as soon as you find them and don't stop until they're all dead.

Guide play

  • Simply hold and drag to move your mouse.
  • Obtain the resources and products needed to purchase rights.
  • Be quick to avoid getting caught and causing a fire.

This is a game that gives players a feeling of excitement because you need to concentrate to survive, mixed with a bit of horror, but it still receives a lot of love from everyone. If you want to play more games with simpler gameplay, try geometry dash meltdown after you finish this game. Don't forget to invite your friends to join to double the fun!