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Sort It


Introducing the game Sort It

Sort It is a fun puzzle game for kids. Practice your skills by arranging balls of the same color in the same jar and complete different levels of the game.

Arrange the colorful spheres that need to be rearranged so that they can fit into the designated jars without sticking out. Move the balls around until there is only one color left in each jar by taking advantage of the space in some of the clear tubes. Sometimes it will take you a while to come up with a solution and realize how to keep your Sort It lab free of confusion and clutter, but eventually you will get 'Eurica!'

Complete the levels

You can quickly play a casual game of Sort It during your break and complete it in less than five minutes. However, the obstacles will get more difficult as you progress through the stages; you'll soon start having problems with jars of different sizes, and there won't be much room for you to move the spheres around.

Because the gameplay of the game is relatively basic and simple, you can play it without installing it on your computer. Play Sort It as soon as possible to see how many levels you can complete and if you like to explore other challenging, puzzle games try playing geometry dash meltdown game right here on our website.

How to play the game

You can use the mouse to move the balls from one jar to another, it's important to observe before doing so.