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Tanuki Sunset


Information about Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset takes you into the world of downhill skateboarding with the main character, a raccoon named Tanuki. Master the winding roads and score points.

Immerse yourself in vivid visuals and groove to the beat of a stellar soundtrack as you lead the coolest panda on wheels into the sunset. Go downhill on your skateboard, overcome obstacles and collect points along the way. Keep an eye on your point meter and when it's full, spin the roulette wheel to get bonus points.

Push your skills to the limit by performing jumps and skateboarding tricks. The bolder your moves, the higher your score. Don't just ride your bike, make the most of every moment!

Tips for success

  • Push your luck: Take risks to earn more points. The bolder your move, the bigger the reward.
  • Drift around corners: Master the art of drifting to navigate corners with flair and style.
  • 180 degree slide: Increase your score by performing smooth 180 degree slide.
  • Proximity problem: Going near an obstacle? That's another near miss and more points for you. Embrace the thrill!

Special symbols and tape teleports

  • Collect symbols: Look out for symbols like the ringing phone and the baby panda in distress. Each has its own impact on your game.
  • Tape Shift: Go into floating tape to completely transform the music and visual aesthetic. Immerse yourself in a dynamic experience that adds excitement to your journey.

Keyboard control

  • A/D or Left/Right Arrow: Move left or right.
  • W or Up Arrow: Enter speed stance for maximum velocity.
  • S or Down Arrow: Perform a stylish 180-degree slide.
  • Space Bar: Move around corners precisely.
  • Esc: Pause the game and catch your breath.
  • Xbox controller support: For an even better experience, Tanuki Sunset supports Xbox controllers. Plug it in and feel the thrill in your hands.

Armed with this guide, rush down the neon-lit streets, perfect your moves, and guide Tanuki to skateboarding glory as you chase the sunset in this high-energy adventure this adrenaline.