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Twisty Lines



Twisty Lines is a game that requires concentration and precise timing to impart gravity at the right moment. You can play through many different levels.

Taking you on a journey across the universe unlike any other, Twisty Lines is an exciting two-dimensional space adventure that will take you anywhere in the universe. In this game, you will play as an experienced spaceship pilot who is tasked with navigating a complex and difficult environment filled with things from space. Using the game's one-touch controls, you'll be able to navigate through difficult and challenging stages, testing both your timing and reflexes. This is a game where you can't stop moving, the white ball must keep moving forward and your goal is to lead him through an impossible maze world while overcoming gravity regardless. whenever necessary.

You have the opportunity to click on planets close to you to initiate orbit around them while you move through space in a straight line. This allows you to start orbiting planets. When it comes to this situation, timing is everything because leaving your orbit at the right time will take you in a different direction, resulting in a spiral motion that is both graceful and controlled. control.

Challenging goals

You must go as far as you can while avoiding collisions with planets and the dangerous boundaries of space. To complete each circle, you must maintain a delicate balance between gravity and momentum. This means that every action you take has a calculated risk. Your ability to make split-second decisions will be tested as you progress through the game, which will become more difficult as you progress through it.

This game features a one-of-a-kind round system and increasing difficulty, giving players of all skill levels an experience that is both addictive and satisfying. It will bring players an experience that is both satisfying and addictive. When you play the Twisty Lines video game, you will have the opportunity to take a trip through space, discover the secrets of gravity and test your ability to fly to unprecedented heights.


Use the mouse to play.