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Wood Cutter - Saw



Wood Cutter - Saw needs you to create a real Cheops pyramid, the game requires you to adjust to cutting various geometric shapes through wooden panels.

The game turns the classic art of lumberjacking into an engaging puzzle adventure. This sub-title explores the game's unique mechanics, emphasizing the fun of cutting wood into various shapes that contribute to building an imaginative world.

In the logic game Wood Cutter - Saw, your goal is to shape various objects from different pieces of wood by sawing them into various shapes. After adjusting the dots on the saw to line up with the shape, check how the saw cuts through each individual piece of wood.

How to achieve your goals

  • Cut out different shapes and put them together to make a world.
  • It is necessary to arrange the dots to carve different shapes from the piece of wood. Each cutout is merged with the environment, resulting in the creation of a one-of-a-kind object or creature connected to the level's overarching theme.

Each wooden structure you successfully carve will give you a gold reward. You can purchase upgrades that allow you to increase the power and speed of your Wood Cutter at any time by returning to the game's main menu. These upgrades can be found in the Shop section of the main menu.

Make the mower you use your own

To get the most out of your mower, give it a choice of different blade shapes and flue designs to cut through different materials. As you go further down the wood cutter path, you will eventually come across boxes. These boxes have the ability to unlock additional blades and chimneys if you choose to open them.

Main function

  • Simple and engaging puzzle gameplay
  • Diverse levels with unique themes
  • A variety of saw and chimney designs for personalization
  • Speed and saw teeth can be upgraded for optimal wood cutting